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Global Market Information Saas platforms

Processing Billions of Data Sets,
Multiple Api Integrations
Delivered Through Powerful Technology

Delivering research intelligence to the global mass market through saas platforms


Who are Global Market Information

Global Market Information (GMI) is a powerhouse for business research and intelligence. We use research expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver actionable insights that trigger growth for companies around the world. In simple words, we empower our clients worldwide with actionable insights to grow their businesses. Our offering includes a perfect mix of human intelligence and domain expertise and a unique range of SaaS technology platforms.

Mobile experience 

GMI has been developed with an end to end mobile experience with the user taken into account, ranging from navigation, login and payments all mobile versions have been made to deliver the ultimate experience.

Report Store

The report store contains multiple data integrations to increase data flow efficiencies with an enterprise level solution architecture, global payment terminal integrated with online API payments, all customers have dedicated user accounts, payment history, with ongoing purchase features all integrated in one place.

GDI Digital Innovation

At VONE our solutions architectures have carved out a powerful technology strategy for the GDI saas platform, it comprises AI search, multiple API integrations processing billions of data sets all in seconds, along with SDK’s to maximise intelligence efficiencies and automated data algorithms, all this has been built upon a detailed bespoke developed enterprise architecture, which is hosted on the leading global server platforms.